Wednesday 8 February 2017

Challenge 31, Week Four

Hello everyone, and welcome to the final week of Challenge Thirty-One on the Chocolate Baroque Challenge Blog. Thank you so much for your visits and lovely comments throughout the month, we really appreciate your support, and love reading what you have to say. We hope that you have been enjoying the current challenge. There is still plenty of time to enter, and to be in with a chance of winning a £15 voucher to spend at Chocolate Baroque. You can add your entries to the link in this post.

This week, we are taking a look at some of the entries we have received so far.

Kate's pretty floral card incorporates background stamping from another one of our stamp sets. The tulips look so fresh, and are coloured beautifully:

Carole has used the same stamp to create both the soft background and vibrant main element. creating a lovely card design:

Shelagh's card is all one layer, but with clever pencil shading looks very three dimensional:

Joan has created a lovely floral meadow scene on her clean and simple style card, using multi-coloured inks:

Annie's card incorporates the caught in crystal technique for her stunning background, and this showcases the lovely fairy and butterfly so well:

Jan has created a beautiful scene on her tag, with the pretty flower and butterfly as a centrepiece. The graduated colours work really well:
This month, it is Asha's turn to tell you a little bit about herself, and you can learn more about our lovely  Design Team member from Portugal.

I joined the Chocolate Baroque Design Team in March 2014....and to this day I am amazed by the talent, support and friendship I find here. If there is a dream team- this is it. For me, being here is a dream come true.

My love affair with Chocolate Baroque began when I bought my first stamp sheet in September 2012. It is called The Gift of Christmas. There is an image on this set which made my heart skip a beat; the silhouette of a cat and dog looking at a Christmas tree.

My cat Xiara passed away on 1st September that year and the scene depicted by that stamp is my most treasured memory of Christmas at home with my dogs and cats around the tree. Chocolate Baroque has immortalised it in a stamp! It comes as no surprise that of all the lovely stamps by Chocolate Baroque, The Gift of Christmas is still my favourite.

Now bear in mind I am not an artistic person, I struggled to get a C- in art at school.... and that only happened twice, by accident! So when you ask me how do I do it- trust me when I say "I don't know, it just happened!"

What I lack in artistic flair, I compensate with a wild and vivid imagination, often imagining myself to be more creative than I really am! My inspiration comes from all over the place- the colour of a flower, the smell of rain, my dog snoring, falling always starts with something. Best of all, there's a Chocolate Baroque stamp that fits the bill.

My day job requires mr to be focused, meticulous and methodical. I work in the judicial system, which often (and inconveniently), gets in the way of my crafting endeavours. In stark contrast, my craft room is a place of chaos and madness. However some of my favourite pieces were born here under pressure; photographed and blogged while the ink was still wet. That pretty much sums up how I craft.

I draw strength and peace from my ever supportive husband, my beautiful furbabes and food...lots of it. Chocolate cures all ills!

Thank you so much Asha, for your words, it was so interesting to read about you, and to get to know you a little better.

We will be back next week with a brand new challenge, but we hope to see lots more entries from you in the meantime. If you have any questions, but cannot find the answers on the blog pages, please send us a private message using the contact form located at the very end of this post; you will see it after the comments section.



  1. So lovely to hear a little of Asha's story, I love her creations,and always so inspirational.
    Lovely selection of cards around, so may talented Chocolate Baroquers, Kate x

  2. Great selection of cards, I'm so happy to see also the wonderful work of the talented aNNie! Love reading some notices of my dear blogfriend Asha, she is a beautiful soul, and a very talented crafter with a fabulous sense of colours, even if school hasn't given her satisfactions... Teachers sometimes are blind... LOL :D

  3. Great selection of cards. Greetings Janny

  4. Asha lovely to learn more about you and your creative skills, love you work at all times. Thanks for showcasing my card. I have fallen in love with these stamps and love my newly ordered stamps, more to play with. thanks.xx{aNNie}


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